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News and Events

News and Events

Continual Professional Development Policy 


The new Continual Professional Development Policy can be viewed HERE

Surveying SA Website

In conjunction with the Surveyors Board of South Australia, Surveying SA has launched a new campaign and website to coincide with Flinders University taking over the Surveying Degree in SA. The campaign has been designed to promote surveying as a career choice for young people by creating awareness of all the different facets and areas in which surveying is carried out. The campaign theme is 'No Limits' a career that knows no boundaries. The website offers a lot of further information about all the disciplines of surveying and its respective genres.


Visit the site here or go to


ISASA Board Meetings 2023/24

Thursday 18 July 2024
Thursday 15 August 2024

Thursday 19 September 2024
Thursday 17 October 2024
Thursday 21 November 2024
Thursday 5 December 2024

Events 2024/25

Annual General Meeting - 18th September 2024

For more information on any of these events EMAIL REGISTRAR

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Standard operating procedures
SBSA SOP 2023.png

Standing Operationing Procedures


The latest Surveyors Board SA Standing Operating Procedures 2023 as adopted can be located HERE


This document contains all matters and procedures for the efficient management of the  “Institution of Surveyors Australia, South Australia Division Inc.”  (ISASA).


For Procedures and Forms for Training, Licensing and Registration, Complaints, Ethics and Professional Practice, Mutual Recognition or Register of Surveyors please contact the REGISTRAR 

Mutual recognition

Automatic Mutual Recognition


The Australian Government’s Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme is operational in South Australia for licensed or registered land surveyors.


To be eligible for Automatic Deemed Registration (ADR) under AMR as a licensed surveyor in South Australia, your home state or territory must be participating in AMR and you must hold an unconditional registration or licence in your home state or territory.  Queensland and New South Wales are not yet participating in AMR and AMR does not extend to New Zealand. The processes under the existing mutual recognition arrangements remain current for Queensland (until further notice) and New South Wales (until at least 1 January 2023). Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangements continue to apply to New Zealand.


Your home state is defined by your primary place of residence or work. When intending to work in South Australia, you must provide evidence of your substantive registration and home state.


Surveyors intending to work in South Australia under AMR must meet additional requirements to be eligible:

notification of the intention to work in SA as a licensed surveyor, and

evidence of meeting and maintaining professional indemnity insurance.


You are not eligible for AMR in SA if:

your home state licence is disqualified or suspended, or

you are subject to disciplinary, civil or criminal action or know you are under investigation, or

you have conditions placed on your home state licence as a result of disciplinary or court action.


Please use this FORM to notify the Surveyors Board of South Australia of your intention to work in SA under AMR.

The Surveyors Board of SA will review your notification, verify the details with your home state and confirm your deemed registration within 10 working days.


Automatic Deemed Registration (ADR) means you are taken to be registered to work as a licensed surveyor in SA.  You will not be issued with a SA licence, and you do not have to pay any fees.  You do not have to participate in professional development activities in SA and gain continuing professional development (CPD) points; compliance in the home state is the only requirement.

Maintaining Standards

If you meet the criteria and are deemed to be a licensed surveyor in SA under AMR you must comply with the laws and cadastral survey practices in SA. This FACTSHEET has been developed to assist.

Non-compliance with SA laws may lead to investigation and disciplinary action. Disciplinary action will result in the cancellation of your ADR and may also affect your home state registration or licence and future access to AMR.

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The following links are recognised by the Surveyors Board SA as resources the public and profession can access when looking for information.


Membership Organisations:

Consulting Surveyors SA (CSSA) 

Geospatial Council of Australia (GCA)

Student Resources


Find a Surveyor in South Australia

Government Gazette List of Surveyors

Surveyors Board of South Australia

Code of Practice

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