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The Survey Act 1992 provides the legislation for the regulation of the surveying profession in South Australia. Its framework involves a sharing of the regulatory responsibilities between industry and government.

The Institution of Surveyors Australia, South Australia Division Inc (ISASA) (The Division) is the is statutory body responsible for controlling the training and conduct of licensed and registered surveyors in South Australia.  

The Surveyors Board of South Australia is the Management Committee and performs the functions as prescribed under the Survey Act 1992.

The South Australian Government, through the Minister and the Surveyor-General, is responsible for the issuing, monitoring, and policing of survey practice standards. 

View the complete Survey Act 1992 HERE

The Board

The Board consists of eight members and comprises the following office bearers:

  • Chairman

  • Treasurer

  • Two elected Licensed Surveyors (Members)

  • An Academic involved with the teaching of surveying at an institution of tertiary education, appointed by the Board

  • the person elected to the regional committee of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) by members of the Land Surveying Commission (LSC), or the nominee of that person (ex-officio)

  • the Surveyor-General (ex-officio).

  • An eight person of professional standing and not a member, nominated by the Board

The tenure for Board membership is 2 years, with nominations for half of the Board members called every 12 months following the end of the financial year.

The Board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 5.30pm in the Division Office: Level 4, 25 King William Street, Adelaide.

Board Meeting 2022.JPG

Board members names here

Back Row:

Scott Allen (Academic Member), Simon Crowe (Survey Audit Committee),
Michael Liebelt (Chairman), Mark Pittman (Survey Audit Committee),
Bradley Slape (Surveyor-General), Mark Williams (Treasurer)


Front Row:

Sharon Medlow Smith (Registrar), Joe D’Aloia (Ex Officio),
Victoria Shute (Legal Advisor)

View the latest Annual Report 2022-23 HERE
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